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Hi, Iā€™m David. šŸ‘‹

I'm an undergraduate at UNSW with an interest in theoretical computer science and low-level software engineering ā€” ciphers, semantics, type theory, operating systems, and circuit design/FPGAs. Exploring these fields allows me to extend my knowledge to understand the very foundations that ensure safety within our programs. I care about diversity and equality in STEM; inspiring youth through practical workshops in robotics and problem solving, no matter their background. šŸŽ€āœØ

My software journey began around fifth grade when I coded a program to backup Minecraft worlds, then websites for an ice cream chain and a music studio. Now, I've helped architect a design system for a genetic diagnostic provider and rebranded a site for online tertiary healthcare education. I also worked to establish a blockchain network as the backbone for Meta's Novi Financial before their launch. I'm currently starting my internship to use extremely-low latency hardware to accelerate networking devices.

On campus, I participated in my first CTF and learnt that you can hide images inside other images! šŸ§ Crazy, right? My best friend and I won a prize in a CSESoc coding competition, and of course, we spent it at JB Hi-Fi. I was awarded the UNSW Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award for ranking in the top one hundred. I'm now looking for a supervisor who shares my interest in theoretical computer science for a term of undergraduate research, to discern whether I'd like to continue down this path for an honours year.

In my final year at Sydney Boys High School, I worked with my major project team to build an access control system šŸ”‘ for the makerspace. You can check it out on open days. I would then state rank in HSC Software Design and Development. Additionally, I extended the school timetable app šŸ•, which is traditionally passed down by alumni each year.

Sometimes I find myself leaning towards UI design šŸŽØ. I first started experimenting with mockups in grade ten, when I received exclusive invites to a network of designers and made my debut with a looping motion design work. Since then, I've come to enjoy software engineering more than UI design, but I've also learnt that an intuitive interface is one of the most important parts of a system.

You're more than welcome to have a look around, and feel free to reach out! My contact details can be found below in the footer, where you can find links to my favourite social media platforms (obviously GitHub).